KDK Out of Court Inc is not a Law Firm

We provide Legal Information and Collaborative Alternatives. We do not provide Legal Advice.

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We guide you through the legal process using technology and psychology.

Our team helps you negotiate the terms of an agreement between spouses that are enforceable and legally binding.

It’s Time for Peaceful Solutions in a Team Environment

Collaborative Divorce Mediation allows the people to uphold the welfare of their family by reducing animosity and ensuring the negotiation is healthy, constructive and beneficial to all. It permits families to have an amicable divorce, separation or agreements that won’t result in future resentment and new tribulations.

Our Virtual Services include:

Online Collaborative Divorce Mediation

Online Parent Coordination

Online Arbitration

Online Custody, Property & Support Information

Online Collaborative Practice


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Out of Court Divorce™ is less costly, less time consuming, and healthier for all involved. Our streamlined process results in better, longer lasting results than the traditional legal process.

Online services offered in English, French and Spanish in Saskatchewan.

Kayla DeMars-Krentz, B.A. Psychology, J.D.
Founder of Out of Court Divorce™
KDK Out of Court Inc.

“I have realized the devastating and lasting effects that the traditional system has on the family unit which is central to the psychological, emotional, social and economic well-being of adults and children living in all types of society and in all corners of the globe. I have worked with families for over 16 years. I now devote my energy and expertise to paving pathways for better processes to resolve crisis in a comprehensive and respectful way to everyone involved. Education and awareness is required for early intervention.
We advocate for solutions and are here to help.”