Julie G. Knox, J.D

Trainer, Lawyer, Mediator

Julie’s passion is to awaken others to their personal power, especially during times of crisis and transition.

Julie was called to the bar of Saskatchewan in 2013 and maintains a general practice. She utilizes her skills of inquiry, negotiation, mediation, legal research and her experience with the judicial system to help clients and professionals navigate their journey. As a participant in the Limited Scope Retainer Group in Saskatchewan, Julie’s practice includes clients who have specific legal issues requiring targeted advice as well as full retainer clients.

Julie provides Legal Information training to professionals in the areas of Family Law (adoptions, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements, property division and divorce), Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Guardianship Applications, Real Estate and Litigation in The Provincial Court of Saskatchewan and The Court of Queen’s Bench.

Julie believes that justice can be attained through exploring what matters most to an individual or family. An essential component to justice is education. Julie is eager to show others what she has learned, both professionally and personally through Out of Court Divorce™.