Mediation is for families looking for an amicable divorce, separation or agreements that won’t result in future resentment and new tribulations.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an out-of-court dispute resolution process where you and the other party (your spouse, business partner, insurer) meet with a mediator to resolve matters without going to court.

Mediation is voluntary, meaning you and the other party have to agree to work with the mediator. You cannot be forced to agree on your issues or to even use mediation.

How does a Mediator help?

Mediators at Out of Court DivorceTM are highly trained to help you and the other party agree without taking sides.

Mediators cannot force you or the other party to agree, and they don’t make decisions for you. They simply help you to speak with each other, and understand each other’s needs, hopes and concerns. Their end goal is to help you both compromise and agree while reducing conflict.

What the Mediation Process look like?

Initial individual session(s)

Each of you to explore how you want your separation experience to turn out and how it sounds right now including education about the difference between your ‘positions’ and your ‘interests.’

Mutual mediation sessions

Sessions built on an educated foundation of legal terminology and process where we jointly identify the separation or divorce issues to be addressed. Depending on the extent of matters to be addressed, clients often participate in 4-6 mutual mediation sessions to reach agreements on their identified issues.

A respectful environment

Led by an informed professional that has the capacity to guide and support you in reaching agreements for you and your children that can become legally enforceable.

Thoughtful and insightful support

We help you integrate the agreements made during mediation into your daily lives.


You will receive affordable, accountable and reliable education and support from a mediation process that levels the playing field for both parties at a difficult time of crisis.

Lawyers, social workers, and other professionals are trained to be mediators.

They are highly trained to:

  • Look for signs of abuse and power imbalance
  • Stay neutral and not take sides when working with different interests from each party
  • Help each party understand the other party’s perspective and point of view
  • Help people agree when they have similar interests and concerns

Our mediators are highly trained and specialize in dispute resolution.
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Our collaborative divorce lawyers work with experienced mediators, parenting coordinators, financial specialists, and other professionals you need to achieve a resolution.