Divorce Done Differently, in 7 Simple Steps


Process Meeting

This is the first step along your journey to resolution. Meet with a specialized professional who will understand your hopes, goals, and concerns to help connect you with the best services within our team.


Strategy Session and Participation Contract

In this step, your mediator will develop a customized strategy based on individualistic and joint needs. The goal is to make the mediation a safe and comfortable place for both parties.


Compete the Online Guide

The online guide is a comprehensive document which outlines your concerns and relevant information for mediation. Your mediator will work alongside a Certified Divorce Analyst to complete financial projects and calculations which are used during the mediation sessions.


Upload your Documents to Clio

Clio is a user-friendly and secure program which allows you to directly upload your documents to our team. For example, you can upload your Online Guide from Step 3 in Clio.


Negotiate the Deal

Your mediator has tailored a strategy and is now following the process designed specifically for you. Your mediator will ensure both parties have a safe place to discuss private matters with the assistance and support of a third-party neutral mediator. Your mediator will use tools, such as framing questions and caucusing to help parties negotiate.


Draft the Agreement

Your mediator will help both parties draft a comprehensive agreement which addresses your needs and will set out the nature and terms reached by the parties. The agreement is a concrete tool which provides the parties clear expectations of one another.


Get Independent Legal Advice

In this last step, it is important that you have independent legal advice prior to signing the agreement. Once your lawyer has reviewed the agreement, both parties will sign the agreement.

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