Bill 98 has changed the way that we ‘do’ family law in Saskatchewan

The Divorce Act will change how families Divorce Nationwide

The Federal and Provincial Governments are aware that that there are better processes to resolve family conflict, our team does too.

In Saskatchewan, people who are involved in a family law dispute are now required to certify that they have completed one of four processes before they seek the opinion of a Judge. These processes are

  1. Collaborative practice
  2. Family mediation
  3. Parenting coordination or
  4. Family arbitration.

There is a better way.

The goal of dispute resolution is to reach an agreement in a respectful manner that is beneficial to everyone involved. Dispute resolution – or, out of court processes, reduce conflict, are less time consuming, and less expensive. Court is a last resort to resolve legal issues.

When people are provided options, they have a greater ability to control outcomes.

When it comes to families, you need an expert. Your Family Matters can be negotiated with the guidance of highly trained and experienced professionals and other people that have been through it too.

When a family is in crisis they needs lawyers and wellness professionals. Some need doctors and other experts. We can put people in touch with the professionals they need.

Our approach at KDK Out of Court Inc. is based on clinical research and client feedback. We leverage options like Mediation, Collaborative Mediation, Parenting Coordination and Arbitration.

We are working as a collaborative team of lawyers across Canada who are matched to your families needs.

Working collaboratively with a team of high caliber professionals allows us to best serve our clients.