Terri-Anne Halmrast

Mediator, Arbitrator, Paralegal

Terri-Anne Halmrast knows that including people in the resolution of their conflicts not only empowers the parties involved but also has a greater potential for amicable relationships after the conflict is settled.

Terri-Anne is a certified mediator and arbitrator and has held various roles in the legal field since 2006. She believes in fairness and equality and strives to demonstrate this in the files she handles. Terri-Anne believes that each situation is unique and as such each situation requires a specialized approach to best help the parties involved. This belief system is why Terri-Anne joined the Out of Court Divorce™ team as this company has a similar philosophy.

Apart from mediating and arbitrating files, Terri-Anne also enjoys fitness. She completed her AFLCA certification in 2007 and continued learning skills in the different fitness areas. In 2010 she completed her yoga certification and in 2019 she completed her Level 3 Fitness Kickboxing certification. To say that physical health is important in her life would be an understatement!

During her free time, Terri-Anne enjoys spending time with her family where she gets to put her mediation skills to good use.