Kayla DeMars-Krentz,
B.A. Psychology, J.D.

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After witnessing the devastating effects that the traditional legal system has on families – specifically children, the parents, lawyers, and everyone involved, Kayla is deeply committed to keeping all family law matters out of court.

Kayla believes in families first, always. Kayla’s professional mission is to lead the way forward with better solutions for Canadian families to successfully walk through conflict without the devastating and lasting effects typically experienced in the traditional legal system. As a lawyer and mediator with a background in counseling and psychology, Kayla provides dispute resolution services for her clients. Kayla also provides legal consultations to prospective clients who wish to be referred to trusted lawyers.

It’s time for a family-first approach, a healthier approach to the ebbs and flows, the changes and transitions that life brings us.

Founder of Out of Court Divorce™
KDK Out of Court Inc.

“For the greater part of the past 7 years, I have spent my days in a Courtroom. I have realized the devastating and lasting effects that the traditional system has on the family unit which is central to the psychological, emotional, social, and economic well-being of adults and children living in all types of society and in all corners of the globe. The law is only one of many interventions. I decided to launch Out of Court Divorce to help people in an innovative, interdisciplinary, and integrative way.

As a trained collaborative lawyer, mediator, and parenting coordinator, my caring and comprehensive approach endeavours to reduce the heartache, stress and pain of the legal process by early intervention and resolution through education, negotiation and alternative solutions. As a solution advocate, if needed, I help clients find the right lawyer and see myself as a facilitator for growth and positive change.

With assistance needed immediately in any crisis and with the given current global pandemic, connecting virtually is our new reality. Through virtual reality, I am able to allow quick access to clients so I may devote my energy and expertise to paving pathways for better processes to resolve disputes out of court and online to better serve the residents of Saskatchewan, Ontario, and beyond.”